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CB Hoyo: Another Corny Generic Quote About Time, 2024

CB Hoyo: Another Corny Generic Quote About Time, 2024

22-colour hand-pulled silk screen print 

60 x 40 cm (23.6 x 15.7 in)

Signed and numbered by the artist

In support of CHOOSE LOVE


Accompanied by a certificate by Always Art


Available for 24 hours only:

9 April - 10 April

6pm - 6pm CET

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Somerset 410gsm, deckled egde

About the release

The print will be available to purchase for 24hrs only and then never again.

The edition number is determined by the amount sold.

Due to the handmade printing process, final prints might differ slightly from the photo shown.

All editions are made to order and then signed for you by the artist after the sale ends. Therefore please allow delivery to take up to 4-8 weeks.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping is included.

Editions are produced and shipped from the UK.

Each artwork will be produced and signed specifically for each client and therefore is not eligible for return.

Editions are numbered randomly.

Delivery time is 4-8 weeks.

Custom duties are the responsibility of the buyer.

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We are pleased to announce CB HOYO’S timed release in support of CHOOSE LOVE


Born in Havana in 1995, CB Hoyo is a contemporary artist whose practice explores the intersection of art history, personal experiences, and social commentary. Initially self-taught, Hoyo's artistic practice has evolved to incorporate a diverse range of mediums, including painting, drawing, and writing. Through his work, Hoyo challenges the conventional notions of art and authenticity while inviting viewers to engage in a dialogue with the artist and themselves.

Hoyo's work is characterized by its colorful, playful nature, and its tendency to incorporate recognizable art historical references with a critical and humorous twist. His oeuvre includes the "Fakes" series, where he reinterprets famous artworks with a contemporary touch, and the "Corny Quotes" series, which features his introspective musings on life, love, and society, handwritten in his signature style. These works offer a fresh perspective on what it means to be an artist in the 21st century, and they invite viewers to reflect on their own experiences and emotions.

In his art, Hoyo incorporates a rich tapestry of personal experiences, reflections, and insights, drawing inspiration from his Caribbean heritage, his struggle with dyslexia, and his observations of the world around him. By skillfully blending these elements, he creates captivating works that resonate with a wide audience, transcending cultural boundaries and offering a unique perspective on contemporary culture and identity.

Unafraid to critique the art world system he is a part of, Hoyo's work is a testament to his desire to push boundaries, question the status quo, and continually evolve as an artist. With his growing international presence and dedicated following, CB Hoyo continues to inspire others to confront the complexities of the world through creative expression.


Choose Love does whatever it takes to provide refugees and displaced people with everything from lifesaving search and rescue boats to food and legal advice. They elevate the voices and visibility of refugees and galvanise public support for agile community organisations providing vital support to refugees along migration routes globally.

Choose Love has provided vital emergency aid and longer-term support to more than 5 million people across the world.

Choose Love is a registered UK Charity. No 1099682 and registered in the USA as a A 501(C)(3) charitable non profit. 

200 Euro provide:

13 hot meals The reality for lots of people living in refugee camps is spending hours in a queue for low-quality food rations or going hungry. With this they are providing a nutritious meal, or fresh produce to cook and share with their loved ones. £15 will typically provide food for a family for 3 days.

6 'Keep A Child safe' kits - Thousands of refugee children arrive, without their parents, in new countries every day. Our partners distribute these parcels containing things like a warm hoodie, writing materials, a toy like a football and a basic mobile phone to make sure that unaccompanied children have what they need, from shelter, clothes and food to education and mental health support.

2 Bundles Of Warmth Contents: blanket and sleeping bag: to stay warm at night. Hot Food: nutritious meals to nourish families and individuals. Heating fuel: to keep people warm in freezing temperatures. Waterproof tent and emergency housing: a place to sleep.


Support CHOOSE LOVE by getting yourself a beautiful screen-print by CB HOYO.

Available for 24 hours only!

April 9 - April 10

6pm - 6pm CET

Please help us with this important cause. Thank you very much!