PROTECT OUR OCEANS: Nychos for Greenpeace

We are pleased to announce Nychos' Limited Edition Release in support of Greenpeace UK.

Currently, an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic per year, including microbeads, plastic bottles, and bags, end up in our oceans. This plastic is now found all over the world, from Cornish beaches to desolate Pacific islands, thanks to ocean currents. Now, it is being discovered frozen in Arctic ice. The implications on marine life are terrifying as our oceans progressively deteriorate into a soup of garbage. Large pieces of plastic are strangling and choking turtles and seabirds, while little bits are blocking the stomachs of animals, from microscopic zooplankton to whales, that mistake it for food. Today, plastic is making its way into every level of the aquatic food chain, even making it into the fish we eat.

However, things don't have to be this way. Greenpeace is working to stop the introduction of plastic waste into our oceans. Greenpeace is urging large firms to take action to lessen their plastic impact and to stop using excessive amounts of plastic packaging that is meant to be used just once before being discarded. Governments are being urged to take action against this issue by developing closed-loop technologies that enable us to recover and reuse materials rather than wasting them.We still have time to save the world's priceless oceans for future generations if we work together now.

A striking testament to the urgent need for ocean conservation, celebrated street artist NYCHOS has created a stunning limited edition print for Greenpeace UK. This powerful piece features a dissected orca, well known from one of his most iconic murals that can be seen in Brooklyn. The orca's anatomy is laid bare, exposing its skeletal structure and internal organs, but most importantly the shocking revelation within its stomach—a collection of trash.

The orca, a magnificent and intelligent creature, serves as a poignant symbol for the devastating impact of pollution on marine life.

With this print, NYCHOS sends a resounding message: Our oceans are drowning in plastic and waste, and it's time to act. By supporting Greenpeace UK, you contribute to the fight against ocean pollution and the protection of these magnificent creatures. Together, we can dismantle the destructive practices that harm our oceans and safeguard the future of marine life.

NYCHOS' art not only raises awareness but inspires action, reminding us of the critical importance of preserving our oceans for generations to come. This limited edition print is a visual call to arms, urging us to be the change our oceans desperately need.

Contribute to Greenpeace's campaigns and ongoing efforts to remove plastic and other trash from our oceans.

The Edition will only be available at a reduced price of 250 EUR for 48hrs and be priced at 280 EUR after this period ends:

15 - 17 November, 6pm - 6pm BST

All profits will be donated. 

Please help us with this important cause. Thank you very much! 

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Timed Release

The Edition will be available for 48 hours only and then never again. The Edition number will be determined by the amount sold. 

All editions are made to order and then signed for you by the artist after the sale ends. Therefore please allow delivery to take up to 4-8 weeks.


All editions printed in and shipped from Portugal. Delivery time 4-8 weeks.