Benjamin Lloyd Cloer '15 Scholarship Pomona 2023

This memorial scholarship honours Benjamin Lloyd Cloer,
who devoted his life to improve the condition of humanity by seeking an education in areas he believed would make it possible to achieve that goal.

Lloyd was awarded an academic scholarship to attend Pomona College in Claremont, CA. Without the scholarship his family could not have afforded this excellent school. 

Attending this wonderful college opened the door to his future plans and gave him the excellent education and the breeding ground for his ideas. In the fall of 2018, Lloyd entered the newly established Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (M.S.A.I.) program at the University of Georgia. 

Lloyd was very interested in perfect future societies based on compassion and equality and thoroughly researched models and techniques to sustain small tribal societies and started writing an epic story about a future led by AI. 

On November 10 2019 he was murdered by an off duty Sheriff's deputy who mistakingly thought his wife had an affair with Lloyd. The murderer currently serves a 30 year sentence. 

Only one month shy of completing his master’s degree, University of Georgia granted him the degree postmortem.

The Benjamin Lloyd Cloer '15 Scholarship will allow those from less fortunate backgrounds dedicated to science and a better future for mankind to take a big step towards achieving their goals. Thank you for your support. If this scholarship fund reaches $25,000, it will become endowed in perpetuity.

On May 31st, Benjamin's birthday, Wyatt Mills is releasing an edition in support of the scholarship and Pomona. The Edition will be available for 48 hours only and then never again. The Edition number will be determined by the amount sold. 

All profits will be donated.

May 30 - June 1

4pm PST - 4pm PST

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All editions printed in and shipped from Los Angeles, CA. Delivery time 4-6 weeks.