Olaf Hajek for Be an Angel e.V.

The conflict in Ukraine continues and tens of thousands of civilians are in danger, displaced and lost everything they own. Be an Angel e.V. is a NGO organising relief supplies for this struggling nation and assisting in the evacuation of Ukrainians fleeing conflict zones and the imminent danger to their lives. 

The people of Ukraine need our help more than ever. 

More than 4700 tonnes of supplies and 1.000 generators have been provided to this date. And more than 18,000 have been evacuated with busses driven by team members, often risking their own lives. 

An ongoing series of artists are releasing fine art prints on White Label Editions in support of Be an Angel e.V.

All profits will be donated.

The edition will only be available for 48hrs:

Olaf Hajek

July 5 - July 7

6pm CET - 6pm CET

Please help us with this important cause. Thank you very much! 

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All editions are shipped internationally. Delivery time 4-6 weeks.