Amazon Forest Artist Fundraiser

Phase 1

We are pleased to announce the Edition Drop Fundraiser for the Amazon rainforest.

The ongoing deforestation of the Amazon is not just a climate catastrophe, but also threatens the habitat of many endangered species and the homes of about 2.7 million indigenous people. Protected indigenous territories are the most effective protection against deforestation. Comprising less than 5% of the world's population, indigenous peoples protect 80% of global biodiversity.

The Amazon biome contains half of the planet's remaining tropical forests and 1 in 10 known species on Earth, including over 40,000 plant species from which 25% of all modern Western drugs are derived. There is a clear link between the health of the Amazon and the health of the planet. The rainforests, which contain 90-140 billion tons of carbon, help stabilize the local and global climate. Deforestation releases significant amounts of this carbon, which is having huge negative climate impacts around the world. Recently scientists have warned that the Amazon is approaching a tipping point, after which the rainforest would be lost.

A number of large corporations are heavily involved in the overexploitation and destruction of the rainforest. The largest driver of deforestation is agriculture, which is being financed by some of the biggest banks and food companies in the world.

Now, a group of internationally renowned Street Artists with a focus on Brazilian artists will drop timed released editions on White Label Editions. The prints will raise funds for a campaign to expose these companies and to fund the work of indigenous conservation group Kanindé who live in and protect their forests from destruction. Kanindé is run by indigenous leader Txai Suruí and mother Ivaneide Suruí of the Suruí people. Their crucial work finding and stopping illegal deforestation of their land can be seen in the award winning National Geographic documentary The Territory.

Each Edition will be available for 24 hours only and then never again. The Edition number will be determined by the amount sold. 

An adjacent film about the project will be made by an award winning team of campaigning film makers Don’t Panic and Flying Shoe Films whose previous work has achieved transformative change by persuading leading industries to drop environmentally destructive relationships and practices.

Participating artists:

James Reka

Bordalo II





Pixel Pancho



Bicicleta sem Freio


Low Bros


Mr Super A


Joseph Grazi

Wark Rocinha

Paulo Ito

Rimon Guimaraes

Daniel Melim

Philip Colbert


Pure Evil

Cusco Rebel



Felipe Risada


Mikael Omik

Camila Rosa

Igana Grellet

Denys Evol




The series of 24h Drops will be online from May 22 - May 26 and each edition will be available for 24hrs only. 

12pm PST - 12pm PST

3pm EST - 3pm EST

4pm BRT - 4pm BRT

8pm BST - 8pm BST

9pm CET - 9pm CET




May 22 - May 23

4pm BRT - 4pm BRT

James Reka / HUGE / AKUT / Ludo / Low Bros / RAWS / Super A / Pure Evil


May 23 - May 24

4pm BRT - 4pm BRT

Davey Leavitt / MEGGS / Pixel Pancho / Apexer

May 24 - May 25

4pm BRT - 4pm BRT

Bicicleta Sem Freio / Minhau / Arace / dcapuena / Denys Evol / Igana Grellet / Camila Rosa / Mikael Omik / Rimon Guimaraes / Daniel Melim / Bakeroner


May 25 - May 26

4pm BRT - 4pm BRT

Negritoo / Felipe Risada / Enivo / Remo / Cusco Rebel / Joseph Grazi / WARK / Paulo Ito / Toz / Bordalo II / Philip Colbert


Phase 2: In the run up to and with the release of the film additional editions by Mundano, D*Face, KOBRA, OPAKE and Ben Eine will be dropped. 

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All editions are shipped internationally. Delivery time 4-6 weeks.